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 Traci Dippert is running for Virginia State Senate District 17 because Virginia must do better.  As a public school teacher and the wife of a small business owner, she represents a large cross section of Virginians.  She recognizes that it is essential for government to enact common sense legislation for the good of the people and has a vision to strengthen Virginia’s economy by focusing on jobs, quality education, and improved infrastructure.  

She believes we deserve more from our state government than purely reactive legislation.  “We need leaders with the vision to be proactive and position our state to thrive, anticipating problems as well as opportunities, and seizing this moment to invest in our future.”   - Traci Dippert 
The key to a prosperous and stable economy are communities with quality education, strong infrastructure and jobs.  As Virginia continues to reform SOL testing, Traci understands the need to frequently review what we are teaching and how we are testing to ensure that 21st century skills including creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, innovation and problem solving are predominant.  In order to continue to attract quality businesses to Virginia, our infrastructure must be funded and updated so that people and products can get to their destination in reasonable time.  Finally, we need to feel secure in our jobs and have confidence that the next generation of Virginians will have the opportunities they need to succeed. 

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